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Originally Posted by Kalhoun
Now that she's gone, everyone's happy and we're not running around like our hair's on fire. The mere fact that it's working now that she's gone is revenge enough for me. She sees it every day and I hope she feels like a worthless piece of shit (which is how she made me feel for six months).
Hubby had the same experience with an asshole boss he had. The guy was a complete prick, but thought he was a Golden Boy. You know the type-- the ones who think they're minor gods because they were popular back in highschool, and at age 35, they're still acting like they're gunning to be Prom King. (I swear to Og, he's exactly like Summer's boyfriend in Napoleon Dynamite.)

Hubby got promoted and took over Department A, and Asshole Boss was switched over to Dept. B Hubby spent months cleaning up all of the massive fuckups that Asshole Boss had done in Dept. A, and when he was done, the department ran effeciently for the first time in years. Asshole Boss tried to take the credit, saying Hubby was just reaping the results of all of the work Asshole had done before he left. Within the same time, Dept. B, now headed by Asshole, completely fell apart. (It had been working fine until Asshole took the helm.)

Lo and behold, there was another switch, and Asshole Boss was put back in Dept. A and Hubby was switched to head Dept. B. I don't think anyone was really surprised when Dept. A went to hell in a handbasket relatively quickly. (Asshole tried to say that he was just seeing the results of what Hubby had done, but no one was buying it.)

Hubby says that it's absolutely priceless to see the frustration on Asshsole's face when he gives glowing reports of how smoothly everything is running in Dept. B at staff meetings. It's even more amusing, because his reports usually follow Asshole's litany of complaints and excuses.
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