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Dapper men: Jos. A. Banks vs. Men's Wearhouse

I've been going to Jos. A. Banks for a couple of years now for all my business attire needs. I know (especially since I have a friend who works in their corporate HQ) that under the surface, the stuff they sell isn't of the best quality, and they sell on volume. Regardless, they know me by name in the store I patronize and have never turned down a return or exchange for any reason.

However, I've recently gotten frustrated with my pants from them. The seams aren't terribly strong on the inseams or the pockets and has required me going back to them again and again for repairs. They always do it with a smile, but it's getting to be a bit aggravating.

How does Men's Wearhouse stack up against Jos. A. Banks? I've never been in one of their stores, but I always assumed it would look more like a department store and less like a boutique like Jos. A. Banks.

Has anyone shopped at both and can offer a comparison?
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