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Originally Posted by BiblioCat
My bank won't even accept customer-rolled coins anymore. They have a coin machine right in the lobby, and it's free (no fee) for account holders.
We have a change jar in the kitchen cabinet, plus my husband and I both throw change in our car ashtrays, and when they're full, I go to the bank and cash it in. On a good day, I can get $50 or so.
In my amusement park days we deposited alot of coins every so often from vending machines and such. We had our own sorting and counting machines and bagged them by denomination and value with little crimped seals on the bags. I don't remember the exact amounts but according to the manager I worked with on it he said the bank takes them free if we did it this way. Is this the case or is this some kind of special scenario for merchant accounts and such.
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