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Originally Posted by Bear_Nenno
I think your assumption that most banks will count your coins for free is wrong. It definitely depends on your bank and your area.
My buddy recently decided to cash in a huge 5 gallon water jug of coins. His bank wouldn't touch it. They just handed him some complimentary paper coin wrappers. He was told that they only accept change if it's in the rolls.
He was so pissed he was going to withdraw all his money and go to a bank with better customer service. He checked out a half dozen banks though, and found that they wont do it either. He had a lot of gripes about the banks "down here", so I think it has bit to do with location. He couldn't find any bank down here that would roll his coins.
He didn't take it to CoinStar because of the huge fee. The change was well over 1,000 dollars so he was rolling his ass off for weeks. Personally I would have taken it to a CoinStar. He agreed that it was probably worth the effort but it was personal now.

That's one of the funnier stories I've read in a while.
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