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My only complaint with Coinstar is this: though they say outright what their fees are, and that is perfectly fair as far as it goes, they do NOT tell you that if you put in a silver dime, quarter or dollar, or a very old coin with different dimensions somehow by accident, it won't even count toward your total, it will fall into a can inside the bowels of the machine and become the property of Coinstar. They *could* have the machine give those coins back to you, but they don't.

Fortunately, my bank (a credit union) has a coin-counting machine. I recently took in about 30 lbs of coins and cashed it out...about $225 worth. It was fun dumping all the coins in, paper tube by paper tube, and fun knowing people were watching with envy (so I fantasized) as I got to shake the hopper and push more and more coins down the chute....not because of the money, but because it was simply fun.

I believe you can get Starbucks cards from our local Coinstar machines, but if you cash out, it's 17%, not 9% as someone said. I'd have lost nearly $40 on the deal if I'd used Coinstar, so it was worth the drive to the bank branch.
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