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Originally Posted by Saturn Dreams View Post
Polite maybe, but Kansai is a very large region to attribute the usage of "Ookini" for "Thanks". Geishas in Gion for sure and pockets of shitamachi areas in Osaka perhaps, but even then it's used by the older generation and usually between customers and shops that are familiar with each other.
I hate to derail this thread again with a (very) minor disagreement, but I think you underestimate how common ookini is. I hear it frequently not only in Osaka and Kyoto, but also in Nara and parts of Mie. Even here, in southern Gifu, I hear it on occasion, though very rarely. There's certainly a big age/occupation bias in usage but as discussions like this one hint, it's still used by younger people and outside of Osaka and Kyoto.

And to add to what you wrote on arigatou gozaimasu vs arigatou gozaimashita, here's an example:

- Here, let me carry those heavy bags for you.
- Arigatou gozaimasu <- Can't use gozaimashita because you're thankful for something that hasn't happened yet.

- I left the bags in your room.
- Arigatou gozaimashita. <- The action is completed. Gozaimasu could be used also.

There aren't many situations where arigatou gozaimasu would be inappropriate but I can think of one: thanking someone who is leaving, or who you are leaving. E.g. thanking a colleague who is retiring, or graduating students thanking a teacher. Using the present/future tense would be odd.
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