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Originally Posted by Starving Artist View Post
You wouldn't perchance have anything to do with this girl or Lightspeed Media in off-board life, would you? You seem awfully intense about this issue, especially when you consider the fact that this forum is intended mostly for people to just shoot the shit about show business and is not Great Debates.
Evidence is evidence. Conspiracy theories are conspiracy theories. This issue is about one thing and one thing only: knowing how to think.

Most people can't think. They don't even want to think. That's the most serious problem in our society. It's at the base of every problem and our not being able to even discuss the problems with any sense. Intense about that? Yeah, I hope so.

It's hard to teach people to think about the global economy. The problem is too big to understand. A small kerfluffle like this is perfect. You can fillet every statement and show why it works or is nonsense. It's similar to The alleged Streisand porno thread. People are arguing back and forth based on 30-year-old frat memories about whether the woman in the photo looked like Streisand. Nobody thought to figure out what the right question to ask was. The right question was not, what did Barbra Streisand look like when she was famous, but, what did Barbra Streisand look like in the period when the porn loop was made? Turns out she had short hair from 1959 to 1961. The woman in the loop? A quick Google shows she had long hair. Knowing how to think always works, for any issue large or small.

Not knowing how to think leads to the kind of statement like the one of yours I quoted. I know which side I want to be on.
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