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I don't suppose it occured to you that the woman in the porn loop might have been Barbra in a wig?

Seems to me cognizance of that might be a better way to think.

Look. You're making way too big a deal over this. No one is claiming it as undisputed truth that Tawnee Stone's real name is Tammy Saris. No one is claiming as undisputed truth that Tawnee Stone under whatever her real name is, is alive And no one is claiming as undisputed truth that Steve Jones is lying about her death as a marketing ploy.

But at this juncture, and based upon the available evidence (or lack of evidence one would expect but which isn't there), it's certainly not unreasonable to have the suspicions that people have expressed in this thread.

And before you decide you are an authority on how people should think, perhaps you should recall this post, in which you were corrected about an erroneous assumption you had made about the author of a book on Hugh Hefner, which you made despite the fact that the correct information is available not only in print but online. Typically (at least by my observation) you never returned to acknowledge that you were wrong. So, where was your wonderful knowledge of how people should think when you arrived at that wrongful supposition.

And why didn't you come back to thank me for giving you the right information so that you could think about it correctly from then on?
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