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@ Starving Artist, Tammy lives an open and happy life with her husband and her friends. She has had problems with stalkes alot of times, like she had to quit her [[EDITED]] as she was getting lots of phone calls and stuff from stalkers she said.. but it doesnt really hamper her from having a social open life. Whenever i met her, she was so cheerful and smiling in parties and stuff like that.. well she did have some problems from crazy stalkers but she seems getting over it and live a happy life...

About her name, [[EDITED]]. He was always supportive to her choice and she made good money out of her porn career. She did only softcore except one that was with him.. and she quit in 2005 [[EDITED]]. i'm giving you the below link so that you guys know i aint lying It is about her contract renewal dispute with lightspeed happened in 2005, she didnt renew the contract with Steve jones of lightspeed and quit porn completely.
(if the link doesnt open, google "YNOT - Lightspeed Media in Contract Renewal Dispute with Top Model")

Well, that was the end of her porn career and begining of a new life . I dont know how many of her friends know she was doing porn before, anyways she is on a new track of life away from porn. shes not very hesitated to talk about her past. She once told me she left her home and parents and moved to Arizona and so she needed some high paying job that could help her with the tuition costs and a living. She made it, [[EDITED]] quit porn, got married and she's still ALIVE and live a happy life.

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