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Originally Posted by Exapno Mapcase View Post
Here are some strictly factual comments.

There are virtually no underage girls in porn. I don't say this because I'm naive, I say this because I'm cynical. Underage porn prosecutions are a prosecutor's dream. Everybody is on their side. Yet, they don't exist. Probably the last big case was all the way back in the 1980s, with Tracy Lords. Lords was 16 in 1984, yet she was never presented to the public as someone especially young. Even in her Penthouse centerfold, taken pre-porn, she was listed as being 22. Apparently no one in the industry ever thought twice about this. She looked that age. She was not outed until the week after her 18th birthday. Oddly, on that 18th birthday, she made a porn movie for her own production company. When the news hit and all her other movies were pulled from stores and destroyed, this now incredibly valuable film from the most famous porn actress in the world was the only one allowed to be openly sold. Many people raised an eyebrow at this.

Since then, the only national case was that of Joe Francis, the Girls Gone Wild guy. Francis may have his picture in the dictionary next to slimeball, but the concept of filming college girls on spring break, even if they are "college" girls, can't in any way be equated of filming underage girls. Every prosecutor wants Francis. But the one big case had the judge throwing the charges out of court because there was no evidence for them. Francis eventually pled to time served on charges including child abuse and prostitution. I haven't found the exact crimes he's supposed to have committed, but articles say that even his experienced crew were fooled by fake i.d.s good enough to get past them.
I realize I'm posting to a zombie thread but this isn't really correct. There was another relatively well-known case of an underage performer: Alexandra Quinn (real name: Diane Purdie Steward). Like Lords, she had started performing in porn films before she was 18 using a fake ID. She was caught around 1991.

Brent Corrigan (real name: Sean Paul Lockhart) is a performer in gay porn. He performed when he was 17 using a fake ID. He was never caught but went public in 2005 after he had turned 18.

There have also been some movies made by Kristara Barrington, Nikki Charm, and Ali Moore that have been pulled because it's not clear if they were over 18 when the movies were made. These cases all came in the aftermath of the Lords scandal.
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