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where to buy moonshine

You can get the real deal in eastern Tennessee. It will take a somewhat deft touch, though. You have to sniff out a local who's hip and gain his/her trust. Start with a general conversation; the locals are- with few exceptions- very friendly. (Try tiny bars or grocery stores/ sometimes little mountain antique stores)

My scam is this: I look for someone who looks like they might be "plugged in." After a little chat I tell them I'm looking to purchase an old moonshine jug as a gift for someone. Then I say: "Hey, you know what would be cool? If I could get some real moonshine to put in it." Half the time the local bites...

The standard price is $20 a mason jar. In my opinion, moonshine gets a bad rap. It's powerful (maybe 160 proof), but mixed with diet-coke and ice (the way I drink it), it's really delicious... a taste all its own.

I have established a connection and I buy 5 jars on a typical run ($100); needless to say, they welcome me with open arms.
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