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Originally Posted by Green Bean
Thanks, ChicanoRojo! You finally answered the question I've been wondering about for some time--what's the deal with the long-hair women who live around here? Apostolic Pentecostals!

There are quite a few who live around here, but nobody seems to actually know any of them. The kids are not in the public schools. And nobody seems to know why they dress that way. But they sound exactly like the descriptions of Apostolic Pentecostals.

The women have very long uncut hair. They always have some sort of head-covering, even if it's only a mini-bandanna thing. They wear long denim skirts and tennis shoes. They seem to have no makeup or jewelry. They would occasionally come into the used bookstore where I used to work and purchase old-fashioned childrens' books. In my few interactions with them, they seemed pretty normal, if reserved. The men and boys wear regular clothing, but the clothes are plain and conservative and not particularly stylish.

Why there should be a pack of Pentecostals in Westfield, NJ, I have no idea.
Yup, sounds like them. I have no idea why the denim skirts and tennis shoes, but we see that around here a lot. It's almost like a uniform.
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