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Can anyone tell me why everyone hates Peyton in the commercial? Do people hate him in real life, too? I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but the commercials he's in just amuse the heck out of me. Wasn't he in some a while back where he went around acting like a huge fan of everyday wearing a big foam #1 hand and cheering on the guy stocking the shelves at the grocer's, etc?
I don't think Peyton has ever done anything truly awful to make himself truly despicable, but yes- there ARE lots of people who either loathe him for his wholesome image, or who regard him as a Golden Boy who's overly praised in the media, or who are just sick to death of seeing him on TV (I can't think of any athlete who's done more commercials the last few years).

Pat Boone once acknowledged, "I've been extremely popular, but there's just something about me that seems to make some people want to throw up." Peyton Manning could say almost the exact same thing, and he knows it. The commercial simply takes advantage of that fact.
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