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I can't specifically comment on your state (er... commonwealth?), but generally if you're going through a dealership they take care of pretty much all of the document stuff for you. You'll probably have to work out the parking pass and insurance yourself, but they'll do the title transfer.

Depending on the bank/specific loan you look at you might have to have a specific car you're going to buy in mind (VIN in hand), or you might get pre-approved for a certain amount or they might even give you the cash up front. A lot of people think that getting the cash up front or at least being already pre-approved gives you a negotiating edge, but if you're not much of a horse trader it probably doesn't matter. So if you've got cash up front, obviously you just pay them there, and if you've got one of the other options you have to go back the the bank with the VIN and other pertinent information on the car. Doing dealer financing is usually okay, just be very careful that they don't futz around with your interest rate vs. the sale price to confuse you-- negotiate the price of the car first before you talk financing.

The family discounts aren't quite as nice as they used to be, so don't let that shackle you to Ford. I have been hearing very nice things about the Fiesta, but buying a car that's generating a lot of buzz right when it comes out might put you at something of a disadvantage and you may be able to get a better deal on something that's been out for a while.
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