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I think Chevy trucks are superior to Ford.

I can't understand why anyone would chose Pepsi over Coke.

See where I'm headed?

I've worked on thousands of units. And that's not an exaggeration. Keeping in mind my first 2 sentences-----and the plain truth that I have experience in this area, here's my 200 pesos:

1) I'm not a fan of Lennox. Unnecessarily difficult to work on, and often a pain to get parts.

2) I'm not a fan of Goodman. For years that had a horrible reputation. (and that's being kind) Often hard to get good local support or parts. Goodman for many years has been the brand of choice for moonlighters-----entirely because their prices were dirt cheap.

Still, beowulff's point is true. Goodman has worked to improve it's quality, with some successes. The current lineup is not junk. (which is not something I thought I would ever type)

Here's a concern: beowulff's installation was done by a moonlighter. It looks like his moonlighter is highly qualified. But I can't tell you how many abysmal jobs I've seen by moonlighters. It's bordering on criminal at times. [email protected]'s point comes into play here. If your budget is super tight, I would consider Goodman. The bigger concern is in my [extensive] experience the Goodman guys are a scary bunch.

Most of the other brands make a good product IME.

If I were a homeowner I would want to know this:

1) Does the manufacturer have a parts house in your town; i.e. a distributor facility? You want to know that a part you need is local, and doesn't have to be shipped.

2) How long has your guy been installing this brand?

3) Is there local technical support?

We are of the opinion that most of the manufacturers make a decent product. We sell 3 brands:

1) Coleman (York/Luxaire/Fraser Johnson)
2) Brant (Carrier/Payne/ Day & Night)
3) American Standard (Trane)

We could sell others instead, but we choose them because they have a large parts inventory right in our town; when I need a part I'm not overnighting it from Memphis.

And...they have technical help in our town. We're very technically competent but from time to time there may be technical issues, and with those brands we can get a service engineer on site if we have to.

We could sell other brands and be happy. (and maybe one day we will) But those brands meet our criteria and we have had good success with them.

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