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. . . Think about it, men in primitive tribes that go mostly naked, even today, sometimes have to sprint, when they are hunting, etc.. You really think they don't know how to do that without hurting their nuts?
Well...don't such people, today, generally wear loincloths or diapers or skivvies, or something that gives some support (and protection against scissoring?) I thought that pretty much every culture had male genital veiling of some sort, even to the most minimal degree of penis-sheaths.

(I recently read an account of De Anza's expedition through the desert near modern El Centro, California, and he said the men went absolutely naked. This surprised me, as I had thought all native Americans had at very least a loincloth for costume.)

Valid point, though, as for the earliest of all humans, those who were too primitive even to build a crotch-strap or nut-sling.

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