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Originally Posted by Johnny L.A.
Curare, no doubt.
No. Curie darts. Radioactive. They take longer but definitely worth the wait.

I am a "don't take no for an answer" kinda guy. There is no human way you are getting in front of me at any line. I was a total jerk to this old lady at the bank. She just walked past the line and smiled at the teller, who obviously knew her. I called on her from 5 places back on the line.

She turned and replied "the don't give coffee to just anyone in this bank".
"You can drink all the begged coffee you want while you wait in line"

She turned all colours. Nobody on the bank looked poised to do anything about her, of course. She kept muttering things.

"This is why this bank is the piece of crap it has always been" I yelled.

Then the bank got really noisy as everyone started a conversation with the next in line about how much this bank sucked.

Some suit popped out and sat her in a chair. Took her transaction papers very discreetly and disappeared. Someone else brought her coffee, but I don't think she drank it. It was my turn and I left before she did.

At least the cashier had the decency of being apologetic for the whole thing. "she comes here all the time and is a friend of Mr. Whatshisface. We have to do it"
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