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Originally Posted by Nonsuch View Post
Recent Portland arrival checking in here.

Compared to the weather I left behind in Chicago, this place is paradise. I'll take 45 degrees and raining over waist-high snow any day and twice on Sunday.

Bad food? That's just a joke.

The drivers are polite to the point of absurdity. I must say it's still a bit startling to see people stop their cars without a sign just to let me cross the street.

I live in Hollywood, so the transit system works fine by me. I can catch a bus on Broadway or Sandy Blvd that gets me to 80% of the places I want to go, and I can hop on the Max if I want to go downtown. Compared to getting anywhere in Chicago, it's like falling off a log. The only occasional difficulty is finding a cab, but a city this small isn't going to have a lot of cabs.

And as for the people, their worst sin is a persistent flakiness in Portland, the phrase "I'll call you" means something like "I'll talk to you next time we run into each other, whenever that is." That said, my wife and I have met some very friendly people and are on our way toward building a nice social circle.

So yeah, sorry you're having a lousy time. Me, I dig the place.
Welcome to the PNW! We've been here for four years now and like it more now than we did back then. Easiest place to get a cab is at a hotel, even if you're not a guest. You get used to the flakiness. . .sort of. People will listen to you politely and even agree with you, just to make you go away. That includes city officials, as we found out recently. I've got real issues with drivers here; I mentioned an accident that my wife saw, wherein a driver cut the corner on a turn and hit a stopped car head-on. I don't want cars stopping when there is no stop sign, just like I don't want them running a stop sign that's plainly visible. It goes against the right-of-way laws and is disconcerting because you never know what the hell they're going to do.
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