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Didn't you live in Alaska for, like, ever? Is that not counted as Pacific Northwest? I can't imagine many places more Pacific, North or West than Alaska.
It's pretty much considered its own area and not really part of the PNW, although some might include it. According to Wiki, it includes Washington, Oregon and British Columbia west of the Rocky Mountains. Southeast Alaska would certainly fall into the temperate rain forest classification, but that stops pretty abruptly not too far north of Juneau when one encounters the Wrangell-St. Elias Mountains.

While I was born in Juneau, we moved to Anchorage when I was ten; South Central Alaska doesn't resemble the PNW in the least and the rest of the state may as well be on another planet.

Side note: I left Alaska when I was 20 and didn't return until I was 50, then left again after 11 years.
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