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Today I was daydreaming about how maybe I could go to the Golden Corral for breakfast on Monday. I'm thinking unlimited cheesy grits and sausage would be a perfect way to commemorate both the presidents and me having the day off from work.

</shameful confession>
We go sometimes for breakfast on Sundays. They actually cook a decent piece of steak to go with your eggs. I think it may vary wildly though as there's one near my sister and when I mentioned GC to her, she was disgusted. I read reviews on the one near her and they're uniformly negative. The one near me is much better. I've never found it dirty and seen them throw away entire trays of food on the suspicion that someone might have reached into it or dropped a sausage and put it back in. The Old Country Buffet near us was much worse but they've since gone out of business.

It's especially nice because we've been eating with a baby the last 15 months and so being able to go in, eat and leave at our leisure is great, same with not letting your food get cold as you tend to the critter.

I've seen the fountain thingie but never paid it much mind since I was eating breakfast. Never seen kids sticking random objects or appendages into it.
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