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Originally Posted by Slithy Tove View Post
So I guess putting your penis in it is out of the question?
Only if you leave a really nice tip.

Originally Posted by Anaamika View Post
You remind me of when we went out with my brother and sister in law and their kids. We were at a kid-friendly restaurant, and they brought over mozzeralla sticks and the marinara sauce. Great!...except before I could get any the kids were dipping their sticks in the sauce, eating it, and dipping again. And again. And then wiping their noses. And whatever else. Parents didn't even notice.
Wait, so I want a ruling on this-- suppose I'm eating mozzarella sticks and dipping them in marinara, as you suggest, and I begin by dipping a stick and biting off the bottom half. Then I flip it over, hold it by the bitten end, and dip the unbitten end back in the marinara. At no point has a part of the cheese stick with my bite marks touched the marinara. Are my hands intrinsically germy enough that that merely dunking a part of the stick that I've handled is contaminating? Or is this an acceptable culinary practice (at least at my next party, if not a state dinner)?
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