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Originally Posted by Idle Thoughts View Post
Nah, you just post ONE song in each thread. This one is for challenge number one...your favorite song.

Challenge two is up now...It's your Least Favorite Song. It's a new thread. This one just required you only to post your favorite song, not to post a new favorite each day, haha.

Each challenge day I will start a new thread, so look for them. Tomorrow will be Day/Challenge three which is "A Song That Can Always Make You Feel Happy" so start to think about it now so that when I post that topic, you'll have the song and story (if there's one behind it for you) ready.
Clearly, I misunderstood the "rules". Looks like I'm out already.

Unless you're gonna give us a Mulligan.
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Fields of Gold - Sting
Old 04-06-2016, 12:18 PM
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I simply do not understand the rule, and it was not mentioned in the original post, it wanted a post for each day for favourite songs, no mention of least favourite, or some other yet undisclosed challenge.

I knew I would not meet to full requirements anyway, however given that these are now significantly different and have been inadequately explained, this is my last post in this thread, I'm done here.

I said good day to you sir.
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I don't see how it can go 30 days. We have, "Your favorite" and "your worst" there's not much left.
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Originally Posted by Drunky Smurf View Post
I don't see how it can go 30 days. We have, "Your favorite" and "your worst" there's not much left.
Favorite A Capella Broadway song

Best song to whistle

Song you love, but your SO hates.

Song you would win karaoke singing

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Originally Posted by Drunky Smurf View Post
I don't see how it can go 30 days. We have, "Your favorite" and "your worst" there's not much left.
The list I'm going to use is here, if you want to look.

I don't really know how to say it any more simple: A thread will be posted every two days (one for each day of the challenge....aka: Each challenge will have its own thread). Participate in all and you get paid. It only requires one post/entry per topic, though.

I'm going to close this first one now for two reasons:
1. So nobody else accidentally posts in here again, heh....but more importantly...

2. To finally cut off anyone else from entering. As it looks like there's only about 47 people (maybe less, I'll do an exact count later today), everyone will at least be getting two dollars.
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