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"Server" memory vs. "desktop" memory?!?! AND - how to tell ECC v Non

Question 1:

I am trying to buy

240 pin

Ram for my Mac Pro.

I have found it, many times.

But the least expensive versions of it are listed as "Servers only!" without the slightest indication of what that means! If the specs on a stick are exactly the specs I'm looking for, what is the difference? Why can't I buy the "server" memory? Maybe I can and this is some kind of PC thing? Isn't a server just a freakin' computer set up as a server??

Question 2:

According to the experts, I CAN use non-ecc memory in my first generation Mac Pro desktop, BUT... I shoudn't mix it with ECC, it should all be one or the other.

(I have no idea what ECC means, of course, I just do what I'm told)

So is there a way to determine the ECC-ness or lack thereof via some kind of software, AND/OR, if I actually shut down and open this puppy up, is every stick guaranteed to spell it out one way or another in black and white, or is there some more subtle and mysterious way of knowing what kind of memory it is?

And finally, if you know, what is the effect of mixing ECC with non-ECC?

My single biggest complaint in life is the spinning ball of death. It is my mission to eventually max this sucker out at 32 (unofficially - Apple only admits to 16) gigs of RAM in the hopes that the spinning ball will go away forever.
Thanks for your help!

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