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Okay Martini Enfield. Tell me about the Martini-Enfield!

For a long time I've been vaguely aware of the Martini-Henry - a ~.45 calibre, black powder rifle that you shoot Afgans and Zulus with while wearing a pith helmet. It has some kind of lever-action, single shot, breech loading mechanism.

I'm also somewhat familiar with the Lee Enfield, a .303 calibre, smokeless powder rifle that you shoot Huns with while standing in a hole full of water. It has a magazine and a bolt action.

When Martini-Enfield joined, I assumed his username was a humerous juxtaposition, like say, "Electric Crossbow". But in the odd thread he has indicated that he does in fact OWN a Martini Enfield, no joke after all.

Google has enlightened me slightly. I found out there was a short-lived "Enfield-Martini" that was .403 calibre and was superior to the Martini-Henry. But that's not the same thing, because Martini Enfield's Martini Enfield is a .303.

I discovered the Lee-Metford, a .303 black powder bolt action that morphed into the Lee-Enfield when the British developed their own smokeless powder. I formed a vague impression that "Martini" and "Lee" refer to the action of a rifle, whereas "Henry" and "Enfield" and "Metford" refer to the cartridge, or the rifling, or something like that.

But I still don't know about Martini Enfield's Martini Enfield! So I humbly request that he expound on the family tree of rifles between the Martini-Henry and the Lee Enfield, as I vaguely remember he offered to do in one of his earlier posts.

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