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One Cat Two Litters

I know that a cat can give birth and her kittens may be from different fathers, as the cat will mate with several males and each time she mates the act of mating stimulates the cat to release eggs.

But I was reading on one site where it says the cat can actually have two litters. It wasn't exactly clear but it seemed to indicate that the cat would give birth and would still have kittens in her at an earlier stage of development. And then later on she'd give birth to the rest of the kittens.

Is this possible? Or did I get it wrong?

Again, I don't mean one litter with different fathers for the kittens, I mean a pregnant cat having two litters at different stages of development at the same time
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This doesn't sound remotely possible to me, but IANAVet. Cats ovulate only right after being mated with, but AFAIK male cats won't mount a female unless she's in heat, which couldn't happen with embryos implanted. On top, I would think the birthing process would shed the entire contents of the womb, and cats only have one....I've certainly never heard of anything approaching this, anyway.
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Maybe you misunderstood? Cats can (and do) get pregnant soon after giving birth, while the first litter still hasn't been weaned. So the cat can be pregnant and lactating at the same time.

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