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Removing a stripped nut: need help quick!

I'm trying to replace the front sway bars on my 350Z, and one of the two nuts that holds the stock bar on was very tight, and I rounded it in trying to get it off.

Before doing too much damage, I squirted some WD-40 on it. Didn't help. Eventually, I used vise-grips, but they just rounded it further. (It's a 10mm/1.25 flange nut, if that makes any difference to anyone)

So now I'm stumped. I have an impact driver, but there's not enough clearance in that area to use it.

I'm thinking I'll have to take it to my repair shop and ask them to get it off somehow (and perhaps replace the sway bar while they're at it).

But if any of my fellow Dopers have any suggestions that will save me a couple of bucks, I'd appreciate it.


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