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what happened to that colony of penquins that was doomed by a moving glacier?

about 2 months ago there were reports that a drifting glacier would block the migration route of the penquins, and the colony was going to be wiped out by starvation. Then I lost track of the story.
Was there a happy ending?
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You can see it for yourself, but I don't think these penguins were stranded on a glacier. Does have a happy ending, though, I'm sure.
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Don't worry, none of the penguins in that glacier's path starved to death. The shoggoths ate them first.
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Iceberg B-15A hit the Drygalski ice tongue in mid April, knocking off a chunk of the glacier. The berg then got stuck in Vincennes Bay for a month, but is now moving off.
Scientists will continue to monitor the iceberg, but it is unlikely to disrupt the movement of penguins and ships.
The June 21 issue of The Antarctic Sun (warning, pdf provides more details:
Almost the entire mouth of the sound had been blocked before B15a took off, Brunt said. Two other giant bergs, B15k and C16, are still blocking about 60 percent of the entrance to the sound. But thats a big improvement. B15a is out of the way and thats a good thing, said Marianne Okal, another graduate student with the group. Id be surprised if theres still 85 miles of sea ice out there next December.
There is, however, a new iceberg resident inside McMurdo Sound.
The interloper is about 16km long and 2km wide, Weidner said. It got within 60km
of McMurdo Station, but backed up so that its about 90km away now,
The berg shouldnt affect any penguin colonies, he said. Nor should it interfere with the ships moving in and out of station in January.

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