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MS Word2000 catastrophe

Yup, it's another "please help me with my computer thread".

Windows 98ME, MSWord 2000

The other day I attempted to open four Word documents. They were my own files on my hard drive, and I've used them many times. Word crashed, and when I did ctrl-alt-del I got the warning about "low system resources". Windows also seemed to be affected - I could move the cursor, but nothign else worked. Clicking on the Start Menu brought up a blank list! Restarted the machine and this time opened Word from the desktop shortcut. Same type of crash. Restarted, opened Word from the Start Menu with the same result.

I've done virus scans (negative), scan disk (negative), defrag. No change.

Could it be that Word got fouled up attempting to open my four documents, and is STUCK in that cycle? Everything else on the computer works normally, but if I try to open Word it crashes in the same way every time. I've never seen this before, and have had very little trouble with my computer. Please help!
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Catastrophe? You haven't lost any data so don't panic.

Search your hard drive for and rename all instances of it to normal.old. Try opening Word again. If it still crashes then try a repair. Go to Start|Settings|Control Panel|Add/Remove Programs. Select Microsoft Word, hit Add/Remove, then choose the repair option. It will ask for the install CD, so make sure you have that on hand.

If that doesn't work then you'll have to do a complete uninstall and reinstall.

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