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Word: divide a page into 4 equal quadrants

I am trying to create a document of 4 equal quadrants of leaflet/coupon size. So that I can chop my 8 x 11 sheet of paper into identical 4 x 5 sheets.

What I've tried so far is creating a smaller document (although 4 x 5 seems too big) and inserting this as an object, linking to the file. I'm still having trouble aligning these appropriately on the bigger page, although I've been playing a bit with the snap to grid.

I asked this a few months ago, and got some great responses. Unfortunately, SDMB died before I could follow them carefully. Thanks for your help once again.
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- Have you tried tables? Set up a 2x2 table wihout borders and insert your text there.

- Have you tried text boxes? Draw four text boxes the size you want and insert your text there.

- Find somebody that works at a place with a new-fangled laser printer. Our HP 8150 will automatically print 1, 2, 4, or 16 pages per sheet. Maybe a place like Kinko's can do this.

- Print one sheet, manually reduce it on a copier, paste four copies on one sheet, copy that master sheet.

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