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Calling all doctors! Mother needs reassurance/insight

My 18 yr old son was in a car crash in late January. Broke his collarbone (left side, near the middle), along w/assorted other bangs, bruises, etc.

He used a figure 8 device mostly for the first while (a couple of weeks), then only intermittently, switching on/off w/an arm sling (depending on his pain level and what felt better).

first re-check found things progressing normally, (tho we added a knee brace for a while), and after about 8 weeks, he seemed mostly ok, and, as was suggested to him, beginning to start using his left arm again more normally.

By the middle of April however (10 weeks after injury), he was complaining again and wearing the brace and taking OTC's for pain. At recheck on Monday (about 12/13 weeks after injury), he was reporting pain levels up to 7. They sent him back for more xrays. then some more xrays (the tech didn't get what the Dr. wanted), then ordered a CAT scan that afternoon with instructions that she was to be paged w/results.

Tuesday morning I got a call from the hospital to have him come back that afternoon for another CAT scan. he did.

ok - what are the possabilities. Seems clear (by his pain level and their actions/reactions) that it's not healing properly.

what do they do? re break it? (Ben asked me if they'd knock him out before they did it... ) surgery? hypnosis? (ok so I'm stretching for that last one).

I"ve got a call in to the doctor, but would really like to hear (**disclaimer - I am not asking for a diagnosis of my son's condition, since none of you have seen him or his tests etc. I'm looking for the range of possabilities for situations such as this)

thanks so much. insert wan, very worried smile here.

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