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Do beans count as a serving of vegetables?

I'm trying to get in 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day. I really like beans and would like to know if they count as one of those servings.

I've looked around a bit and I've seen some conflicting information. On the food pyramid, they seem to be listed with the meats and nuts. I've also seen sites that recommed a serving of beans as a way to get in all of your daily fruits and veggies.

It seems to methat beans offer a lot of the benefit of veggies -- high fiber, no fat, etc.

So, what say the teeming millions?
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I've been doing more research since posting this questions. This pdf -- which was linked to from seems to give conflicting information on beans. Throughout the first part of the document it implies that beans are separate from vegetables. Later -- specifically page 24, box 12-- it implies that beans are vegetables /fruits that are a good source of folate and potassium.

So, do I count my baked beans as veggies or do I need to get in a couple more servings of spinach?
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Baked Beans? I'd be sure to count them high as carbohydrates
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Baked beans, split eye, etc = Legume

Green beans = Vegetable.
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Depends on the bean.

Lima beans, green beans, string beans are vegies for sure.

Pinto, baked, kidney, chick-pea, etc. more of a carb.
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Maybe these links will help you:

And for the Kosher vegetarian:

You'll notice that legumes and beans are in their own category.
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Yeah, I pretty much thought it was not a veggie but from the linked pdf I got this info:


Sources of potassium
Baked white or sweet potato, cooked greens
(such as spinach), winter (orange) squash
Bananas, plantains, dried fruits such as apricots
and prunes, orange juice
Cooked dry beans (such as baked beans) and
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Lentils, kidney beans, northern white beans, chickpeas, azuki beans etc. are proteins... very high in protein and fiber.

Green beans, peas, etc. are a vegetable.

Canned baked beans in sauce (like Pork n Beans) are a sugar/ carbohydrate.

However, beans in the protein group share some of the same nutrients and phytochemicals as vegetables.

I also suggest the same links as Monty

Vegsource is great for all your Vegetable-type (and Vegetarian-type questions).
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Oh, I almost forgot soybeans!

(How could I forget soybeans, I'm from Japan... )

Soybeans are VERY high in protein...

You can eat them in tofu, soymilk, etc.
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Thanks for the information, everyone. I suppose I was just really hoping that beans were veggies because I love 'em. I can eat a whole can of beans in one sitting!

Looks like there's going to be less beans and more spinach in my future.
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