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Song in Shakira Pepsi Commercial

I don't listen to pop music all that much (actually, I try to avoid it these days), but there's one lately that's caught my interrest.

About two months ago, Pepsi started airing an advertisement featuring Columbian pop singer Shakira. It's the one where the hispanic kid spills Pepsi on his remote while watching Shakira on TV, allowing him to warp space/time (or something) and use it to warp people into the room (his sister, mother, father, grampa, and then finally Shakira).

I'm currious to know if the song that's used for the first half of the commercial is a real one by Shakira or if it was made just for the ad. If it is a real song, does anybody know what the title is? (This might be little help, but I think one verse starts with "the world is..." and another ends with " heart.")

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I hope she dies in a plane chrash. Does that answer your question? No? sorry.
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The song, which appears in both of Shakira's Pepsi commericals, was written for the commercial (but that's a given, seeing as it ends with "The Joy of Pepsi" repeated a couple of times.) There's only one verse, beginning with "The world's..." and ending with "...ask for more."

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