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I need songs about lifeguards. Please help.

My nephew just got his first job as a lifeguard and I want to burn a CD of lifeguard songs for him. After a search on I found the following.

"Please Don't Talk To The Lifeguard" Diane Ray
"Lifeguard of Love" Frogs
"Lifeguard Man" Dale Hawkins
"Hey, Mr. Lifeguard" Surf Punks
"Doin' Time Under the Lifeguard Station" Eddie from Ohio
"Lifeguard" Simple Aggression
"Lifeguard" Sil Austin
"Lifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowing" the everso horrible Morrissey

I'm looking for more.

I recall a song that goes, "IIIIIIIIIIIII wanna be a lifeguard. IIIIIIIIII wanna guard your life." Anyone know the name/artist?

What other songs can you recommend?
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That's "I Wanna Be A Lifeguard" by Blotto.

There's a book I ran across in a chain bookstore once that had songs listed by category, like "nuclear war" and "lifeguarding". It was big and thick and expensive and so not purchased by me... sorry.
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The "ever so horrible Morrissey", Spritle? How dare you sully the name of Moz?

"Lifeguard sleeping, girl drowning" was going to be my suggestion--that's a nice thing to do for your nephew, BTW.
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Yeah, sully the name. That's me. However, I liked the Smiths!
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Well, we're not allowed to post complete lyrics, and I can't find this one on Google. But I have a 78 from the 1910s of Mr. Life-Saver, which includes the lines,

"Oh, Mr. Good, Mr. Nice, Mr. Life-Saver,
Can't you see I'm goimng down?
Oh, Mr. Good, Mr. Nice, Mr. Life-Saver,
Are you gonna let me drown?"
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Well, if you do get around to burning a CD, can you make an extra copy? I'd love one.
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"Songs of the Lifeguard"? Where's Drew, Ryan, Colin, Brad and Wayne?
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