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Why do my ankles hurt when I wake up?

What's wrong with me?

This condition started about a week ago, now when I wake up and walk to around, my ankles hurt, is it bad circulation, bad sleep or could that be a sympton of something other than just an ankle related problem or could that be related of sitting for long periods of time at work?

I'm a 21 y-o man, 5'11", 180lbs, and I exercise regulary, so it's definitely not arthritis nor is it overweightennes (sp?)....

should I go see a doctor for that?
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I have bad ankles, and they sometimes hurt if the sheets at the foot of the bed smash my my feet down to the mattress all night. At 5'11", your feet go all the way to the end of the mattress. Be sure that the sheet and blanket you sleep under are not tucked in on the sides (a major factor), and when you crawl into bed, pull a lot of slack in the sheets with your feet so they can stick straight up comfortably.
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Your age does not necessarily rule out arthritis or bad circulation, even if you're active. I have arthritis in my left ankle as a result of a serious injury; I'm 33, and reasonably active (or at least I was before the injury). If it continues to bother you, see a doctor.

P.S. Does it go away on its own as the day goes on? Does aspirin, ice, or a warm bath help?
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I had this condition while pregnant, I believe due to the laxity of tendons during pregnancy. This caused my feet to flop forward (pointing) rather than staying flexed. Every morning when I woke up it was agony to step down and take the first few steps to the bathroom. After about 1/2 hour of walking they would feel better.

My father had a similar problem because of a major injury that damaged his nerves from the waist down. He actually had to wear braces to bed to keep his feet flexed so that the muscles wouldn't atrophy. (He was in bed about 20 hours a day.)

Have you been taking any medication to relax your muscles as a result of exercise? Also, CurtC may be on to something with the sheets. Anything that would cause your feet to point at night could be to blame.
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Well...talking about elasticity...maybe you're right, because my ankles used to me quite elastic (I did competitive swimming for 8 years..I needed elastic ankles to kick faster...) then I stoped, did only moderate training for 3 years (running, swiming, rolerblading), and recently I started KungFu fighting, at first it hurted my ankles when I sat on my knees for meditation, now it doesn't anymore (I guess I regained my former elasticity)..

and yes, it goes away as the day goes on, going to the bathroom is painful and then after my shower it's all OK.

I don't think the sheets are a factor since my feet always stick out of the sheets, also I don't take relaxants, stimulants, or supplements, and I never broke my ankles, I only broke a toe and had to walk weird for 3 weeks, but that was 3 months ago...

could the fact that I might have elastic ankles make them stay relaxed during the night so they 'point'?

I think I'll go see my doctor about this...

maybe I don't get enought calcium...I should drink more milk...
*Un cheval c'est comme une auto sauf que s'est vivant*

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