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greek translation for girl or young lady?

Could someone give me the Greek translation for "girl" or "young lady"? how is it pronounced?
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Ancient Greek or modern Greek?

In the ancient Greek...

parthenos = "virgin," as in,
"How can this be," Mary asked the angel, "since I am a virgin?"
Luke 1:34 NIV
korasion = "girl," as in,
"The girl is not dead, but asleep."
Matthew 9:24 NIV
Not sure of either pronunciation.

Looking through my Greek New Testament concordance, I find no word that means specifically "young woman."
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rastahomie, that's Koine. What about the Classical Greek word kore? It means 'girl', 'maiden', 'young woman'. Actually, 'maiden' is the best word. Most languages have a word for a female who has attained sexual maturity but is unmarried. (German Mšdchen, Arabic fat‚h, Italian fanciulla, Hindustani laRkÓ, Classical Greek korÍ.) The word for that in English is "maiden," but for some reason it has fallen out of use.
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In modern Greek, it's koritsi. Greek is phonetic, so that's how it's pronounced. A sweet thing to call a girl/woman is koriti moo ("my girl").
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