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".Jr" name suffix for females?

Pardon me for posting, but I was the title says, is the "Jr." (Junior) suffix ever used for a woman's name? Or is there an female-exclusive equivilant? We've all seen names like "John Smith Jr.", but I can't ever recall a name like "Jane Doe Jr."

Well, thanks for your time,

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The "Jr." is used to distinguish the son from the father who has the exact same name. How many daughters do you know who share the same given name with their father?
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'Actually, I was thinking of daughters who would have been named after their mother. Not that that's very common, either, though.
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There was once a movie actress who went by the name of Cobina Wright Jr. The site records part of an interview with Rebecca Hourwich Reyher in which Cobina Wright and her daughter, Cobina Wright Jr. are mentioned.

This is an excerpt from the site: "I had many experiences with such women who expected me to get them full publicity value in return. Before a drawing-room meeting one such sponsor, a beautiful blonde, Mrs. Cobina Wright, who later went to Hollywood and became a well-known columnist, brought me a photograph to use of herself with her baby--later known as Cobina Wright, Jr."

This is the only instance of such a thing that I know of.
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Back in high school we watched a video of (IIRC) The Crucible. The mother in the movie was Sarah and the daughter was
Sarah, Jr. It was kinda wierd. It might be that "junior" is unisex, but using it on girls fell out of common usage a long time ago.
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Sure, isn't there Nancy Sinatra, Jr.?
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I think such a suffix is usually consider unneccesary for girls, as the traditional assumption would be that they would get married and have a different last name from their mother.

My mother was named after her mother, and never had any sort of suffix. Her family did call her by a shortened version of the name (which my mother hates) to avoid confusion.
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It does seem uncommon to name a daughter after her mother, but I think when it happens, like Lamia said, the daughter is just given a nickname.

For example, Margaret Simpson and Margaret Simpson, Jr. become Marge and Maggie Simpson.

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Slight nitpick Happy Lendervedder, I believe Marge is short for "Marjorie," not Margaret (whence Maggie).

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