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Silent movie fans: what's the proper name for "title cards"?

Pretty simple, but I'm having trouble finding it via a search. In silent movies, you'd generally have a musical accompaniment, and the movie would relay dialogue and other information to the audience via printed cards with text on them. My question is, what are/were these cards called? I've referred to them as "title cards", which I think I got by thinking "subtitles", but I doubt this is correct. Anyone know?
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Nowadays they're usually called "intertitles," but back in the day they were called (inaccurately, but colloquially) "subtitles" or just "titles."

They would always have musical accompaniment: either one person whanging away at a piano, or a whole orchestra. Seeing a silent movie without music is like . . . Umm, eating a steak after gargling with Novocaine.
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Although I'm not certain this is absolutely correct, I have usually heard them referred to as "intertitles."
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