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What does KISS stand for?

You know, KISS, the 70's glitter rock band where the musicians are so ugly they have to wear make-up on stage to keep their fans from puking as much as Gene Simmons spits out 'blood'. I was told by someone KISS stands for 'Knights In Satan's Service', you know, the thing about all rock bands being devil worshippers . This is probably the same guy that told me one of the people on the Eagle's Hotel California album is the leader of a devil worshipping cult. Seriously, though, does KISS stand for anything, and if so, what?
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Actually, it's Kids In Satan's Service not Knights. where the hell did this person come up with Knights??

I used to know, but I forgot......actually the story behind the name is probably in the booklet that came with the KISS box set, but I'm not in the mood to go walk downstairs and check.

However, here is a bit of KISS trivia: When they tour Germany the KISS logo is redesigned because the original SS's bear too much of a resemblence to the SS insignia of the SS and that sort of thing is a big No-No in Germany.
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Fun fact:

When touring in Germany, KISS had to use a new logo since the "SS" in their name bore too much of a resemblance to that of the Nazi Stormtroopers.
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Okay, this is weiirrrrrrrd...

I was just singing "I was made for lovin' you" to myself a little while ago, and then I see this thread!

:: cue twilight zone music ::
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The double-post of almost completely irrelevant trivia was weird, too.
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I thought it was 'Kikes in Satan's Service'. Most of the band IS Jewish, right? 8^)

I always thought it was funny that people said they were neo-Nazis because the SS in their logo looked like the SS worn by those evil Nazis.
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Originally posted by Badtz Maru
I thought it was 'Kikes in Satan's Service'. Most of the band IS Jewish, right? 8^)

I always thought it was funny that people said they were neo-Nazis because the SS in their logo looked like the SS worn by those evil Nazis.
I don't know about "most," but the two guys who've been with the band from the very begginning are: Paul Stanley's real last name is Eisen, and Gene Simmons was actually born in Israel.

The name is NOT an acronym. Actually, I remember hearing Simmons say years ago that he and Paul Stanley originally wanted to name their band "Fuck," just for the shock value... but then realized that, while the name would get them some attention, it would doom their chances of appearing on TV or getting their songs played on the radio. So, they settled for "Kiss" as a tamer alternative to "Fuck."
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Yeah, I knew that, I was just being silly and offensive, as usual.
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Not unusually, Snopes debunks the "Knights in Satan's Service" myth.
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Chuckster - Paul Stanley is hot, he doesn't have to wear makeup at all then or now.
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Well, the girl band kISS gets their name from....huh? The American KISS? nevermind....
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Didn't the old lady in that awful "Detroit Rock City" movie says "Knights?" I never saw the film but I seem to remember that from the trailer.
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From me own memories of the time, 'twas indeed Knights In et al. I recall having a fairly ugly row about this with my folks, when some paragon of uniformedness told one or the other of them what that band really was up to. Or that was what the urban legends claimed, anywho.

IIRC, the Double Platinum LP made mention of this in the liner notes, and the band debunked it then. Or possibly it was Alive 2. One of the double albums, anyway. (Did they release more than those two?)

Anyone still have those goofy jigsaw posters from the solo albums kicking around someplace?
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