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'Wild Thing" sung by bobby kennedy

in the 60's there was someone who was doing a bobby kennedy imitation singing 'wild thing' and if you knew who bobby kennedy was, it was hilarious. does anyone know who sang it?
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According to this site "Senator Bobby" (as he was called on the record) was Kennedy impersonator Bill Minkin and the record was released by the Hardly Worthit players. IIRC the record got quite a bit of airplay during Bobby Kennedy's presidential campaign, until he was assassinated.
Old 10-02-2002, 12:11 AM
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There is an album called "Sing Along with JFK".
On a local talk radio show a guest was featured who collects really bad music. SAWJFK was one of his offerings, and it was a hoot.
It seemed like authentic JFK speeches, mixed with musical soundtracks.
Very funny.
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I prefer The Goodies' version personally...
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My brother had that 45. Maybe we still have it somewhere. IIRC, the flip side had Sen. Everett Dirksen doing "Wild Thing" as well.
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I have Vaughn Meader's The First Family album; the "Jackie Tours the White House" segment is hilarious. "This is the Blue Room . . . We decided to keep it exactly as it was when President Blue was in office."

On another hand . . . When Prince's Raspberry Beret came out, we used to sing it as Marlene Dietrich:

"She wowe a waspbewwy bewet,
The kind you find in a secondhand stowe
Waspbewwy bewet, and if it was wawm she wouldn't weaw much more
Waspbewwy bewet, I think I wo-ooo-ve hew."
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Eve, if I remember it correctly, there was a part in the "Jackie tours the White House" when JFK is walking around after taking a shower and stumbles into the tour. He is looking for something or whatever the reason was. He leaves and Jackie says "That was the President. We decided to leave him exactly the way he was."
Or something like that.

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