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Are there really "all clear" signs at banks like in "Bandits"?

Ok, so I've got nothing to do and i've in General Questions all morning. I just had to hijack this question from Juanitatech's thread (I've got questions, dammmit!) cuz it probably wasn't gonna get the attention it deserves there. Are there really all clear signs at banks? Disgruntled ex-bank workers welcome.
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Disgruntled Bank employee checking in. There are indeed "all clear" signs at, well at least, Crestar. Supposedly if the blinds were pulled down, something was amiss, and we weren't to enter...
Or maybe it was the other way around.
In any event, I don't think anyone bothered to remember it.
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All Clear signals at banks generally relate only to a standard opening procedure used at the start of the day. The standard procedure for opening a branch bank would be as follows:

Two employees must be present at the branch location before the branch can be opened. One employee enters the branch while the other employee remains in their car or at some distance from the building. The employee then unlocks the branch, turns off the perimeter and motion security systems and checks the location for uninvited guests. If every thing is OK the all clear signal is set. If it is not set within a certain period of time or if a distress signal is set, the employee outside of the building will contact law enforcement. No employees are to enter the building unless the All Clear is set.

The signals are changed periodically (and many times the entire procedure is disregarded.) I don't know how Law Enforcement in a town of any size, even with more than one branch bank, would be able to keep track of various All Clear Signals during the day.

If an alarm is activated during the day, There may be a rotating All Clear signal that is called into the local Police Station. It depends on the town. In my experience, even in that case, the police will require a bank employee to exit the building and approach the police car to inform them that everything is OK.
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Ah. I knew crappy wages and asshole bosses would make this information easier to come by. Thanks Meatros.
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Thanks, alex, for creating this thread. So the all clear signal's for the employees not local law enforcement, huh?

Good to know.
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