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I Took a Street Hooker Home Last Night

I've been driving a cab these last few months, as I'm still between professional gigs and money is still a necessary part of life.

Since June I've seen more drunks, tweakers, loons, bangers and whores than I think anyone should be allowed to encounter in 5 years, much less 4 months. In fact, during my first week I picked up 2 tweaker girls at their townhouse. They asked how much the fare would be from their place to about 20 blocks away and back, with me waiting for about 5 min in between. I told them probably around $15 and that I'd need the money up front. They said, and I quote, "How about we blow you for the fare?" Not that I'd take that offer anyway (I'm out there to make MONEY), but these women were TORE UP. Anybody willing to turn a blowjob for $7.50 each is not anybody whose mouth the little general is getting anywhere near, thanks but no.

Anyway, last night, I decided to bag my shift almost an hour early. Things were really slow; I was already pretty well ahead for the night, and I didn't figure on any more calls coming in that I could take and still get the cab turned in on time.

When I pulled into the gas station/car wash all the drivers in my company use (they give us a discount on the car wash) and parked in front of the vacuums, this absolutely gorgeous blonde in a short black skirt, nice high heels, white cropped blouse and black leather jacket walked over to the pay phones. I noted the outstanding cut of her legs and swept out my cab. She looked a little like a blonde version of Dawn from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but pretty, if that makes any sense.

I wheeled over to the gas station window, paid for my wash and stepped back to my car. She walked up and asked, "Are you working?"

I told her I was on for another 45 minutes or so and asked where she needed to go. She told me, and it was juuuuust within the time I had left to get the car washed, get her there and get back. I told her I'd be glad to take her, as long as she didn't mind riding through the car wash with me to save me some time.

She got in the front seat. Unless the back is full, I never let anyone sit in the front, but she was really cute, obviously tired and certainly not carrying any serious weapons, since Id noticed the jacket didnt have pockets, and her purse was a simple clutch.

We got to talking, and I asked her what had her out and about on 27th and Indian School (a less than stellar neighborhood dividing the central city ghetto from the west side barrio) at 4 in the morning. She smiled, nodded and said, "Work."

"Work as in you're a pro?"

"Um hum."

So, started talking about things like shifts, rates, weird customers (Whores, strippers and cabbies have a lot in common professionally, I've noticed), etc. It was a fun ride back to her apartment.

Here's what tripped me. First, she wasn't dressed like a hooker. She was dressed like she was going, or had been, to a club. Second, she wasn't strung out or otherwise chemically messed up at all as far as I could tell, and Im a pretty good judge as to degree of impairment. Third, she still smelled nice, not sweated and skanked out or covered in perfume, just clean with a little bit of natural human scent coming through. Fourth, she was really young (18), but also pretty damn bright. It was an absolute joy to chat with her and give her a lift. Also, she tipped well, which helps like anyone better.

I know, I know. She's an 18 year old street hooker who will be dead of AIDS, drugs or miscellaneous disease in two years and the only reason she appeared fairly well pulled together is that she is 18 and hasn't been doing this for very long. Still, it was the most enjoyable ride of the night, by far.

And for those of you who are curious, no: I didn't "negotiate" the fare; I didn't try to find out her schedule, and I didn't hit her up for any professional services.
We contemplate eternity beneath the vast indifference of heaven. -- Warren Zevon
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Yep. Hookers are people too.

At least, some of them are.
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You know, they did an article on students working their way through college in the sex trade a while ago in one of the local weeklies. It happens rather often, in a town like this. Not all sex workers are victimized by pimps and addiction - many of them are very together people who respect and protect themselves as much as they would at any other job.
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Yeah, I've always known hookers were people too, and I know there are a lot of young, fairly pulled-together girls doing if for a while to give themselves a better financial head start than they could get slinging burgers.

I hadn't run into any of them in my job, though, particularly in that neighborhood. The ones I see and meet are far more often the stereotype: Ghetto blacks or white trash, pot bellied, missing teeth, smelling bad, unable to put a sentence together, tweaked or strung out and nasty.

I'm just saying, I feel bad for the girl that she feels this is her best option, but I enjoyed her company and it was a refreshing change to see a low-end sex worker with a bit of self respect and personality.
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Clever "working girls" won't end up "dead of AIDS, drugs or miscellaneous disease in two years". I'd also argue that the prohibition on sexwork in the US has led to two types of prostitutes, the clever ones, who keep themselves safe and healty by practicing safe sex and screening clients, and the desperate ones who may end up as you descibed. Standard social darwinism.

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What's a tweaker?
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Hookers, whores, and prostitutes have feelings too. Just not in some places.
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Originally posted by DeadlyAccurate
What's a tweaker?
A "tweaker" is someone who uses methamphetamine. Meth is a highly addictive amphetamine, as shown by the following analogy:

Methamphetamine is to it's users as Hitler was to Jews.

Unfortunately, it's true. Meth beats crack for "Alex, I'll take ways to completely mess my life up."
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Methamphetamine is to it's users as Hitler was to Jews.
"Saul,quit holding out on me. I need some Hitler or I'm gonna fuckin die!"

I like the name "whistlepig".
When you explain this, make me like you as well.
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I think the point is, when meth has you, it's gonna kill you. And you have no control.

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Err... maybe for some people. I did meth pretty heavily for almost a year at one point, and then I stopped. *shrug* yeah it made for some interesting times... sort of embarassing to look back on some of it (the paranoia factor makes your life exciting like a spy movie! Heh.) but all in all I am glad for the experience. And it neither killed me nor messed up my life.
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Taxi Driving: One of the most noble professions I've seen in my young life.
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Re: OP

I like Penthouse Forum letters too.

Once, when I was a travelling salesman and stopped at the farmhouse....ooops. Didn't mean to hijack this thread.
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Blackeyes, I don't know that there's anything noble about it. While it's true that we do some good by getting drunks home safely and giving them a feasible option other than driving their cars home (and in the case of the company I work for, the added incentive of a free ride back to their car the next day), and we pick up/deliver medications to shut ins and ferry people who might not otherwise have a way to get there back and forth to Dr.'s appointments, cab drivers are all people who are out to make a buck. Plain and simple.

While many of us take pride in the good that we do, as listed above, we're just plain people who are doing a job. Many drivers, like myself, drive a cab because we didn't really have any other employment opportunities available at the time, and the pay is all in cash. We're not trying to save the world or even make it a better place; we're just trying to make enough money to get by. The fact that it helps some people out is just a happy by-product.

Mtgman, I agree with you that there are two types of "working girls. The clever ones, however, don't turn street tricks; they work incall/outcall. Street hookers have a short lifespan (both functionally and literally) because the life is so hard and takes such a toll. Also, there is a severely high percentage of hard drug use and other dangerous behavior.

Street hookers really can't "screen" their clients the way callgirls can, and the fact that they are getting into a car with a complete stranger several times a night (a complete stranger that already admits to some unsavory tendencies, at least in the U.S. in non-Nevada jurisdictions) only adds to the risk. Since street hooker rates are usually so much lower than those of callgirls ($50-$100 per "act" as opposed to $150-$300 per hour, as a rule), they have to turn a lot more tricks to make any money, whether they're independents or part of a stable.

When you add up the exposure, the associated lifestyle, the general risks and the fact that many of these girls are young and simultaneously jaded and naive, which leads to a very high number of "It won't happen to me" attitudes, you don't have very good chances of coming out of the business in as good a shape as you came into it, assuming you come out at all.

It's unfortunate, and it's one of the big reasons I so strongly favor legalization, but it's also true.
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Speaking of taxi drivers and tweakers... back when I did the stuff, the guy I usually bought it from was a taxi driver. You'd just call for a cab and request him, and voila! Dope delivery. I remember one time I was riding with him (when I was bored sometimes I'd tag along with him in the front seat) and he had me hold some for him while he snorted it WHILE DRIVING.

Makes ya feel so much safer, doesn't it? Heh.
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This thread has one of the highest view to post ratios I've ever seen. I must conclude that the SDMB, beneath its veneer of erudition and civility, is a den of voyeurs and perverts. No wonder it feels like home.
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A parallel thread in GQ.
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Okay, now I understand. From the OP, I thought you took her home, like to meet your mother . Mom, meet my date, Stormy. Oh, and can I borrow a couple hundred 'til payday? Thanks Mom, you're a peach!
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Hey, at least it wasn't the usual tease. Y'know, like "I took home a Hooker last night."

TJ Hooker! The box set! Suckers!
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Is this the new, "Taxicab confessions" version of the "pajamas girl" thread?
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Originally posted by Milossarian
Is this the new, "Taxicab confessions" version of the "pajamas girl" thread?
Is anyone groping anyone? No? Then I guess it's not.
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(hijack) of sorts...

I just heard a good one from a friend, a parish assistant...

His (very religious) father was moving into a new house and desperately wanted it painted before he moved in. he couldn't find a painter on short notice so he drove down the strip and found two working girls. They said they'd do anything for 100.00

He said " okay...come paint my house".

They did a fabulous job.
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So how does one get started as a cab driver?
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It's the easiest job in the world to get, White Lightning. While some cities require you to get a special license (which is not difficult at all), here's how it's done in Phoenix.

Call one of the big cab companies and say you want to be a driver for them. They'll tell you when the next orientation class is, usually M-W, 8-3.

Got to motor vehicles and get a copy of your three year driving record. You can't have any chargeable accidents or DUIs and you can't have more than 1 moving violation on your record in the last 2 years.

You show up on your orientation day with your 3 year report and your valid AZ driver's license, showing you are at least 25 years old. You fill out an application, which is your name, home address and contact number, three references and your criminal history. My favorite question on that part is: Are you currently on parole? If yes, may we contact your parole officer? Guess what, if you say they can contact your PO, you're in.

Then you sit through a 6 hour class that tells you how different local zones are broken up, gives you some map reading exercises reminds you to be extra careful, what the radio procedures are, etc.

Within the next two weeks, you have to take your on the road training. You go out with another cabbie for 8 hours, 4 with you driving, 4 with him. He evaluates how you handle the car, read the map, interact with customers, etc., and shows you how to do your paperwork.

At that point, you're free to start operating your own (cough choke hack wheee) small business on wheels.

Christ I need a dayjob again soon....
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Dumbguy, I figured the ratio would be high, but this just blew me away.

Rhubarb, had I, in fact, aken a working girl home to meet mom (RIP), she would have been the perfect model of grace, tact and southern hospitality. I don't think she would have batted an eyelash.

Of course, the next time I saw her, Mom would have asked something like, "Are you sure this is a good idea and you know what you're doing?" But that would have been as far as it went. My mom was all class. She thought her kids were raving loons from time to time, but she was all class.
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Is it a common requirement that you have to be 25? I'm supposing not, due to the mention of it being a good way to work through college.

Thanks for the info, FallenAngel.
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To do any type of driving job, be it taxi driver, bus driver, or truck driver it is common for you to be at least 25 and in some places 26. The companies don't want to pay the extra cost of insurance if you are under and won't hire you. You can get around it if you go into business on your own.
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a) I think the "working their way through college" was in reference to the prostitutes, not the taxi drivers.

b) Many people go to college long after they're 25. My mother is working on her (third) degree at 54.
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So how does one get started as a street hooker?
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Why not ask GingeroftheNorth? I remember her starting a thread about working as a receptionist at an escort service. It isn't quite a street level thing but I am sure she can point you to the appropriate place if you really want to be a hooker.
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I knew a girl who worked her way through college hooking in Tallahassee. She usually hung around the capitol, particularly when it was in session. The politicians paid better than normal johns, usually the price for a night to obtain a quickie in the hotel room. She went through FSU and got her engineering degree, so I guess it works for some people.

I always wanted to try a professional, but just couldn't bring myself to do it, even one I knew.
Master of ParodyTM

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Yes, the 25 YO requirement is pretty much standard due to the difference in insurance rates at that cutoff point.

I think if one wants to become a street hooker, the way to go about it is to find an unoccupied corner in a heavy traffic area and dress something akin to the part.

As to wanting to try a professional, that's a really common point of curiousity among American men. I think it's because there's no expectation of any kind of emotion or commitment, and the thought that a pro will probably know a few good (pardon the pun) tricks in the sack. I haven't ever done it either, but if I were to indulge, I think I'd go for an escort, rather than a street girl, since there is a higher screening option on the part of the girls and a slightly lower risk factor all around.

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