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Sea scallops vs. bay scallops ... and is either one not a scallop?

What's the difference between sea scallops and bay scallops?

There's a widely circulated rumor that sea scallops (the larger, generally cheaper ones) are, in fact, not scallops at all, but more akin to that fake "crabmeat" you can buy: some sort of cheaper vertebrate fish that has been shaped/processed/stamped/etc. to resemble the expensive mollusks.

Any truth to this?
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Sea scallops grow in the ocean; bay scallops grow in bays (for instance, the bays of Long Island) and are consequently smaller.

Both types do exist. However, sometimes other fish (usually shark) are cut up to look like sea scallops and sold as such (see "bay scallops" at this site. You need to trust your fish market or restaurant.

It happens less often with bay scallops, but they are in much shorter supply. Further, the taste of bay scallops is different -- sweeter mostly -- and it would be much more noticeable if someone did a substitution.
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I've heard that, too. But for another viewpoint here's an old thread from another board:

Bottom line: well-known, but not well-documented.
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Here's a previous GD thread on the same subject:
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Yeah, I knew that, but what about Fake Scalloped Potatoes?? Is it just another spud scam, like "French Fried Potatoes?"

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Reality, what are you talking about????
Begging your pardon but
Sea scallops grow in the ocean; bay scallops grow in bays (for instance, the bays of Long Island) and are consequently smaller.
UH NO! As a matter of fact sea scallops and bay scallops can grow right next to each other in perfect harmony.

I grew up on the coast of Connecticut, and live there still. Long Island Sound (the part between Long Island and Connecticut-not the ocean side) has produced some of the best sea scallops in history...And they were harvested right off shore, not out of the sound.

And the larger sea scallops are usually immitated by taking circular cookie-cutter punches out of a skate, not the more expensive sharks. Skates are a nothing fish until some capitalistic fool decided to try and pass it off as a very expensive scallop.

If you ever have a question about your scallops, check out the striations on the side of it. If they go vertically, then you are eating a scallop. If they are horizontal, you are eating a bottom feeding skate....

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