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Song subjects ideas?


I need to come up with quite song songs in a very short amount of time. I make hip hop music. My main problem right now is I can't come up with enough original subjects to write lyrics about.

Does anyone have some good ideas? I need to write about 15 songs in 4 weeks, so any help is greatly appreciated!
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Fifteen songs in a month? That's easy for an ex-punker!

Not that these are all good, but:
  • National politics.
  • Why you broke up with your last boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Cover or redo an old song.
  • Write about whatever you wrote in your diary/journal yesterday.
  • Pick the silliest sounding psychological term and use it in a story.
  • If you're still in school, write a song about the lunchroom menu, critique each entree one by one.
  • Gossip about your friends, tell everything.
  • Why Brawny paper towels are the real picker-upper.
  • Why movie a sucks and movie b is so much better.
  • Why drugs suck (alt: why the're cool or why they just cost too much.)
  • If you have roommates, who stole my food out of the fridge?
  • Cover or redo another old song.
  • Clubs want too much to get in.
  • Why you hate writing fifteen songs in four weeks.
That, or just read the personal ads in rhythm to the music.
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While I do appreciate your input, this is not quite what I am looking for

I write rap lyrics, and most of the subjects you gave me are not very suitable. The first one is, but I don't know too much about politics. The second subject is alright too, but I was already working on something similar. Covers are not what I want, I don't have a journal, I'm not in school, don't have interesting gossip, ...

But thanks a lot for the effor!
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How about a vague concept album? Come up with a theme or story and then write a song about each aspect of it. It's tough to come up with the idea, but gets easier when you have a rough outline to write your lyrics from.
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Eh, I didn't expect to bat 100% anyway. What are your other songs about, and what's audience? I may not be any help, but someone else might if they knew who you were rapping to.
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It's not for an album but for a gig. My other songs? Most of them are old and are the regular boasting and dissing seen way too often in hiphop... It's not me, and I want to write more intelligent material, but I'm running out of time.
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Are you interested in De La Soul's more quirky abstract raps? Check out the lyrics to [i]Tread Water/i] for inspiration.

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