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Spaceballs .. they have gone to plaid?

(this may or may not belong here but since I am looking for a factual answer I am posting here)

Is there any kind of scientifc significance about the plaid joke ? (My roomate insist there is) IMHO they are just making fun of the way movies portray faster than light travle ...

The only one I can think of is the Red Shift but that's stretching it

thanks in advance
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Nope, not that I am aware of.
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I'm pretty sure it's just a joke on the "stars turning into bright lines" cliché. How many people would get a red shift joke?
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I never found any significance to the plaid joke, other than a simple way to make fun of light speed portrayal in other movies.
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Purely a made up term for the movie, but it was a good one!
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Probably just nonsense, but very funny. My wife and I use the term all the time for something that's gone over the edge, or too much, too far, etc.

It seems to have an analogy in fashion - ie, who wears plaid unless they've gone nuts?
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Omar Little suggests lunatics like me include a disclaimer
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Originally posted by K364
It seems to have an analogy in fashion - ie, who wears plaid unless they've gone nuts?
So what's wrong with wearing plaid?
What does a Scotsman wear under his kilt? Shoes.
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We can't stop now, we have to slow down first!
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Originally posted by Whack-a-Mole
This, however, did have significance, if you missed it. It's a joke on the fact that "light" can also mean "humorous." So, what's faster than light? Ludicrous, obviously!

That was probably blazingly obvious, but I had to show off anyway, since it took me a few viewings to figure it out.
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