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Are my "KISS" cards worth anything?

I have about 400 "KISS" cards from 1978. They're in reasonable condition, they were never kept in the protective sheets. I think they're from two seperate sets (not sure if they still make up the complete set). If it's relevant, printed at the bottom of the cards is "Aucoin MGT 1978 by AGRMT with KISS".

Or will they be worth something when Paul, Gene, Ace and whatever the drummers name is, move on to the great rock n' roll stage in the sky?
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I just searched eBay for "kiss cards". It appears that they may be worth something, but not much.
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I was going to suggest ebay too.

If this auction is any indication, they're worth a total of $40 on a good day.

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I don't know, 400 cards might be worth more. Here is a little better search on eBay, which shows all the auctions for Kiss cards which have closed in the past 15 days:

recent eBay auctions of Kiss cards

There is so much variability in the number and condition of the cards that is hard to tell, but I think they might be worth as much as $100.
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