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Song from Lincoln car commercial???

What is the song from the Lincoln auto ads? It is a jazzy/acid jazz song. Currently it is in the Lincoln Navigator ad. A previous commercial had a guy sitting in the vehicle who was playing with all of the power features while a band played in a nearby building. Anyone know this song?
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Doh! Google first, ask question later.

Artist: Mr. Scruff
Song: Get a move on
Album: Keep it unreal
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Not that you asked, but it samples "Bird's Lament" by Moondog. And that's a phenomenal album. IMO the remix was completely unnecessary -- the original percussion is so cool that adding a drum machine just seems silly.

There's another version of it on Sax Pax for a Sax, another Moondog album which is a little bit easier to get into -- a lot of the tracks on "Moondog" are rounds and chorals which just get boring quickly.
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Thanks for that info SolGrundy.
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Gotta love the web -- click the link, click "add to wish list," back to SDMB...
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Lincoln MKX Miles Davis

It is Miles Davis ... - Louis Malle's Elevator To The Gallows Recording Session
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