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"Froggie": Was That His Real Voice???

Remember "Froggie" from Little Rascals (or Our Gang?)? Was that his real voice? What did he do, smoke 10,000 cigarettes to develop such a voice for the part? Geez, it killed me to listen to hims speak his lines like the placid sound of fingernails on the chalkboard! Ouch! - Jinx
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I have heard that he put on that voice. It was a trick he could do. Apparently he freaked his mom out, when one day she hear some strange man talking in the next room and rushed in to find out it was her son.
Sorry, can't find a better cite than this.
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I'd put it down to.the trick voice.If you watch him while he's speaking on camera,you'll notice his mouth looking stretched,and neck looking strained.Another later kid actor named,IIRC,George "foghorn" Wilson did much the same thing.

Google may provide help.
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Oh, I thought you meant Froggy from Andy's GangI had a boyfriend who did a perfect imitation of him.

Voice pretty much the same as Our Gang's Froggy, too . . .
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In one "Our Gang" short, Froggy did use his real voice. He was speaking into microphones, and he kept blowing them up. He finally used his real voice.

Also, "Froggy" seemed to have inherited his mother's voice, as in one short his mom "speaks" in a loooooooow voice.

(Actually, it was Billy Bletcher's dubbed voice. The little man with the big voice who frequently appeared in the "Our Gang" series--including supplying the voice for The Giant in the one where the kids go treasure hunting--don't feel like looking for the name.)

Two other trivia notes: Froggy died as a teen, having been hit by a some motor vehicle. Also, Froggy's little brother "Happy" was pegged to be the successor "fat kid," (Joe, Chubby, Spanky, Porky) but only appeared in a couple.
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Originally posted by Eve
Oh, I thought you meant Froggy from Andy's GangI had a boyfriend who did a perfect imitation of him.

Voice pretty much the same as Our Gang's Froggy, too . . .
No, of course not. The Little Rascals' Froggy obviously does not have a magic twanger.
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My boyfreind used to be able to rasp, "plunk your magic twanger!" with the lewdest expression! I kinda miss him sometimes . . .
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IIRC, the "plunk your magic twanger" Froggy was from Buster Brown's Theater, not from Our Gang, or the Little Rascals.
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Nope--Andy Devine would tell him, "plunk yer magic twanger, Froggy!" and some heinous magic would occur.
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Hi'ya, kids! Hi'ya, hi'ya, hi'ya!

Thank you so much for that. The Andy Devine Show! I haven't thought about that for years. All I need now is Tex Ritter singing Froggie Went A-courting.
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