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I'd Swear That This Is An Urban Legend. . .

But a search on Snopes only gives me a piece about Jim Nabors. Since the late 70's, I've heard stories that Dinah Shore at one time gave birth to a mixed race baby. It'd being a scandalous thing for someone to do back in the 50's or 60's (when this was supposed to have occurred) it was quickly covered up.

Of course, it has to be an UL, but what's the source of it? When and where did it originate? Was it originally about some other actress and then get it transferred to Dinah Shore? Enquiring minds want to know!
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I have changed the title of this thread from I'd Swear That This Is An Urban Legend ... to UL about Dinah Shore's biracial baby. In the future, please try to choose more descriptive titles.

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In the future, please try to choose more descriptive titles.
I'd find the title even more descriptive if you had chosen not to abbreviate 'urban legend'. Not many people know what a UL is.

Hope this wasn't out-of-line.
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Ditto that, Kendo.

Wasn't there a rumor that Dinah herself was mixed?
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This strikes a memory from childhood; although I thought she adopted a black child.
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The version that I heard was that she had a child and the baby appeared to look biracial but Dinah hadn't been with a Black man. She subsequently found out that she had a Black ancestor and those genes manifest themselves in her baby...Sounds an awful lot like an urban legend to me!
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Here's the end of a long usenet thread on this issue

Just to (hopefully) wrap this up, I spent some time in the library ref section.

1. Is Dinah black? Well, she was Jewish and from Tennessee, whatever that means. Much of her music appears to be black influenced (Shoo Fly Pie, blues stuff) but lots of white performers were doing that too at that time. From her picture, I could believe she was a mix or not, hard to say.

2. Dinah was married to George Montgomery in 1943, had her first baby (daughter) in 1948, adopted a son in 1954, and was divorced in 1962. So it *wouldn't* appear that a 'surprise' child carried by her caused a divorce. Interesting tho - the entry said that she took a year off "to be with her kids more" at the time of her divorce. No indication of a third child from any source I've found.

FWIW, she married another man in May '63, and was divorced from him
in 1964.

Ok, I'm done.
If the assumption was that George Montgomery divorced her because of this I would have to call BS on that allegation. I used to occasionally watch the Dinah Shore show as a kid and she had her ex on the show at least once to show off the western themed Fredrick Remingtonesque bronze sculptures he had done. If the animus of a bi-racial child split up their marriage I doubt this would be the case.

Dinah Shore was a Jewish southern girl and had an olive complexion (underneath the makeup) . I would imagine this accounts for the origin of the rumors. In all fairness given her wide nose, generous lips and olive complexion it's not wildy surprising some jumped to this conclusion. She does look vaguely like a black woman "passing" for white in this photo.

Here's how she looked when she was young and before she went blonde. It's very different than later images of her.

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