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glass paint remover

anybody know how i can remove glass paint from the panels in my girlfriends new flat door. its an inside living room door, with 16 bathroom window type (ie rippled)glass panels in it, badly painted by the previous occupants and she want the door but not the coloured panels.
im guessing its some commercially available enamel based stuff, like the type they use in making stained glass windows.

any ideas on solvents that would get this stuff off?

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razor blade....
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I doubt the razor blade is the answer in this case (rippled glass). Normally it would be the answer but with rippled glass could be a PITA.
If it is enamel based paint I assume you would have to take the door down so you can lay it flat and then use a furniture paint remover to get it cleaned up.
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If its acrylic paint, I would soak it with soap & water & it should come off pretty fast with a brillo pad or scrub brush (dont use metal) if you can keep it wet for a couple of minutes.
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thats the problem. im not sure if its enamel based or not. furniture paint remover would do the trick?
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I don't know if you can find a product called, "Goof Off" in the UK, but it is brilliant for paint removal, adhesive removal, grease removal, and use as a general solvent. This product may be marketed outside of the U.S. with a different name. It appears that "Goof Off" is available in Canada, but maybe not overseas.
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I third the Razor Blade method - even on uneven glass.
Slopping some remover would not be worth the mess and you couldn't get straight lines.
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There must be a commercial paint stripper near you who can dip the door in caustic solution to remove virtually any paint finish down to the bare wood. The financial cost is low and the saving to you personally in time and effort will be enormous.

Here's an online Yellow Pages search to get you started. Just substitute your own location.

BTW, they don't use paint to make stained glass windows.
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