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lost receipt from order, what can I do?

I need a proof of purchase to replace a malfunctioning router from Netgear which I purchased from Amazon; but I no longer have the receipt which Netgear needs as proof of purchase.

How can I get a another copy of that receipt from Amazon? They seem to have no direct email contact address.
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Amazon keeps track of all my orders placed with them, can you look at your order history and print out an invoice that way? I just looked, and some stuff I ordered back in December still has the "Print an invoice" option. That is, if they will take that sort of invoice as a receipt. I've sent in those invoices printed from the Amazon page as receipts for rebates, so it might work for you.
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Amazon's instructions for printing an invoice:
  • Click the Your Account link at the top of most pages of our store.
  • Click the "Print invoices" link in the View by Order box.
  • Sign in using the e-mail address and password associated with your account.
  • Click the "View or change order" button next to the relevant order.
  • Click the "Need a printer-friendly invoice?" button toward the bottom of the order summary.
  • Click your browser's Print button to print your invoice.
Like many major online merchants, they opt for a form-based email interface to ensure that every request they get will adhere to a certain standard and can be routed into certain email queues as necessary. You can get to the email interface by clicking Help, Contact Customer Service, select any of the Contact Us categories (e.g. General Questions, Cell Phones and Service, etc), and click the Email button.

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